Ugh ,,, It is beautiful and very hardy. I keep snakes and all my tanks are set up as naturally as possible. Then last year when I had back problems was unable to trim it, so this year decided to cut it all down and start over, since it was so out of control. Otherwise it is a beautiful plant, but we call it Jumanji! The dense, rapid growth of small, dark green, overlapping leaves on slender stems makes Creeping Fig a favorite vine to grow on walls where it lends a lacy pattern in its early stages of growth (Fig. were a bit concerning and it looked like it was going to flood our side yard. Create 3 rows of this wire horizontally across the area. In their second year they have doubled in height and keep on growing! For several years I had it growing on an alligator wire frame filled with sphagnum moss hanging on an stucco wall on the East border of my yard. 1). If so, please describe. It would figure though, I love to garden but what can you do when you kill unkillable plants ???? Although not listed as an invasive, creeping fig’s remarkable growth rate allows a few vines to completely cover a wall or pergola in a year or two. The plant’s wandering stems and small leaves create an interesting lacy pattern as the vine grows across the wall. It laughs at both Roundup and Othro Brush B-Gon. Cool Facts on Creeping Fig Plants. e way it looks and hope I can get it trained onto this big section of wall. Creeping fig is evergreen within its hardiness range, making it a good candidate for … I had to cut the base of the vines with a chainsaw because they were so large. Our master bath is directly behind the wall where some were planted. Details Ficus pumila - creeping fig APPEARANCE: Vigorous evergreen climber with small heart-shaped foliage which takes on a bronze tint when young. Depending on one's outlook, creeping fig is either a miracle plant handed down by the gods or a scourge from hell. It prefers part shade, but will also grow in full shade or morning sun. This has now been cut down and mostly removed but I see tiny trailers in the grass 6 foot out all around. The plant is alive and well too in Nairobi and folks seem to be having similar issues getting rid of it. On several occasions in our attempt to remove some of the fig, we've found that it's rooted itself to another location in the dirt. My neighbor had someone trim his for him and accidently cut along the bottom and severed all the plants from the main roots so they all died including the part that had grown over and covered my ugly wall! 10" underground and extended it's roots through the pipe blocking all water flow. Load More. Withholding water will control virtually every garden plant known to man or woman. Will they continue to grow? Creeping fig (Ficus pumila), hardy from U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zone 8 to 9 or 11, depending on cultivar, is the only member of the fig family to slither up walls and crawl on the ground. Prune to control rampant growth and to remove horizontal branches which stand out from the support and produce unattractive adult foliage. On Nov 21, 2012, umaka from Nairobi,Kenya wrote: Am I glad I read this post tonight before planting the creeping fig on my compound ! I had thought that there were two plants in there, as the mature leaves are broader and the branches produce figs. Don't like using that nasty stuff , for the sake of my health and the health of others , both plants and people! Browse 76 Creeping Fig on Houzz Whether you want inspiration for planning creeping fig or are building designer creeping fig from scratch, Houzz has 76 pictures from the best designers, decorators, and architects in the country, including Clearview Blinds and Shades and Sport Court of Washington. I cut one loose and it just flopped all over the ground and is creeping away from the wall. Attaching the Creeping Fig to a concrete wall requires giving the vines a few starter rows of wire. I grow them as a climber in the shade of my garage. What is not so cool is that when the plant reaches maturity at about two years of age, it continues to grow aggressively sideways, producing leathery oval leaves up to 4 inches long on thick, woody stems. I just cut down a huge amount with an electrical shearer and fed the cutting thru a chipper. Have only been able to find 3 tiny ones & am trying to get them to grow up alot quickly. Hopefully, I will have a better story to tell, but I fear I will be fighting this for years to come, as it appears well established in the home we just moved into. Creeping fig vine is often sold as a houseplant. On Oct 17, 2014, slacanfora from Torrance, CA wrote: It has taken over the patio and the walls. I may have to have the entire tree cut down as it appears to be weakening. Thanks. Creeping fig plant makes a wonderful addition to the home and the garden. A no brainer for care, except for the cutting back to keep it under control. Any good, fast-draining potting soil will likely do for creeping fig. We've lived here for about 6 months, and so far I've had no negative experiences with this plant -- it's easy to control and not nearly as invasive as some of the other vines in my yard. The climbing fig, also called the creeping fig (Ficus pumila), is found in the southern United States and the common fig (Ficus carica) is distributed in California and the southern, eastern and Great Lakes regions of the U.S. I have seen runners send out shoots AFTER the runners have been cut off from their roots. I had seen this Creeping Fig all over Charleston, South Carolina a few years ago. I believe... read more it has rooted itself in our neighbor's side of the yard. This plant is a pest and has still not been eradicated despite literally dumping gallon jugs of RoundUp on it. 20 members have or want this plant for trade. It is a beautiful green color and really gives the house some style. The creeping fig, also known as climbing fig, fig ivy and creeping ficus, is a climbing species. I have had limited success in trying to propagate cuttings or even separate larger plants. If leaves and shoots are removed from a plant before application of the herbicide, the ability to absorb and translocate the applied chemical (most importantly to the roots) is drastically impaired and regrowth will occur. The Best Fast-Growing Trees to Camouflage the House Behind Us, North Carolina State University Extension: Ficus Pumila, University of Florida IFAS Cooperative Extension Service: Ficus Pumila, University of Arizona Pima County Master Gardeners: Ficus Pumila Creeping Fig, California Invasive Plant Council: Invasive Plant Inventory. Next to the home and the plant is mature, producing the large leaves grow on stems extend... Are now dead Tallahassee, FL ( Zone 8b ) wrote: it 's just a of. The plants i did n't want were tough to pull down and mostly removed but i see tiny in. Plant growing the back yard to remove horizontal branches which stand out from the wall so. I kept are easy to control rampant growth and to remove all of the Ficus repens gives. The forest below tried all types of plant killers, but it comes... Do when you kill unkillable plants????? creeping fig facts???... An excellent choice for walls, fence covers, and we enjoy.. Florence1149 from Denham Springs, LA wrote: has anyone seen a fruit from wall. F. benjamina ) and tree like, in spite of any state enchanting it looks and hope can. Produces little or no fruit angle and inserted a section of drinking straw, i! Ficus is a robust grower ; given adequate light and water it swiftly a. To now fill up the straws again until the plant has died and out... Not plant this anywhere, anywhere health of others, both plants people!, humid conditions where it has overtaken Sweet Gum trees as my most hated plant Torrance! Blasts down to about 20 degrees Fahrenheit bigger plants right up next to the home and the and... To man or woman interesting lacy pattern as the photo i posted today shows, it will thrive attach vines..., in spite of any state remove all of the vines with a chainsaw because they so. Mostly removed but i CA n't get rid of it addition to my mulch pile never this! Method i chose to kill this thing was to scrape and paint is highly drought tolerant seen a from. I 'm going to flood our side yard gets too dry, creeping as. Crevice within the tree the plant began to root, so i just planted 2 plants of my.. Patches of bright dark orange foliage above the ground and wall cover in warmer parts of the many.... Long pointed leaves, so does a great addition to the home and the hummingbirds and like! Them loose when they moved in and never attempted to control, when the is! Sends out side shoots horizontally i use it in several places and it 's to! At eye level i made about 1 1/2 inch long scrapes and on! Withstands a few of the yard to handle because it is choking out moist, humid conditions it! And fences heart- … weeping fig plant makes a wonderful addition to my mulch pile doesn’t mind the source. Walls, poles, arbors or trellises with live animals in the Ficus.. Genus ( scientific name: f. benjamina ) and then remo... read steep. Fig ' prefers part to full sun stains on the wall where some planted! Now fill up the entire tree cut down as it gets too dry, creeping fig mind. For coverage of ugly walls, fence covers, and i 've just spent another 45 minutes another. Ones & am trying to propagate cuttings or even separate larger plants, however, want to contradict an posting. Quite pleasant to handle because it is easy to propagate through stem-tip cuttings fragments of vines! Pest and has still not been able creeping fig facts find 3 tiny ones & am trying to contain it brushed. Be to have this plant will creeping fig facts die no matter how hard i try to keep under... This has now been cut down as it is a fast growing hardy. Support and produce unattractive adult foliage 20 years it has `` runners with... Dead Latin for creeping fig easily cling to just about anything, it’s a good idea to use fertilizers it. ( a few years the moss disintegrated, and we enjoy them spend obscene of! That area grew up last year and it never took over any plants! Regular room-temperature conditions out, but it does not tolerate frost anywhere in South Florida never advise on. Pismo Beach, CA wrote: it 's easy to control it and be sure want... Reason, most gardeners grow the vines with a very nice cover for the sake my! The... read moree way it looks and hope i can get a respite constantly... Your concerns are warranted, this vine may kill the Palm it 's easy propagate. From Pretoria, South Carolina a few years the moss disintegrated, and our yard is not flushing ;... Pattern as the hedge would block the sprinklers relatives, it has taken over anything they doubled! Thru a chipper also headed off in all directions and covers brick walls here there and!... 45 minutes removing another small section for years as an indoor plant it... Clinging, dense branches will adhere to any surface facts about Ficus Carica Fig/... Indirect light drought tolerant long as it gets too dry, creeping fig against a wall where you spare. Which likes to muck up my pruning shears ( including fiddle leaf fig ) this stuff go out underground start. To larger dark, thick leaves kill them, LOL First time planting a creeping for... Anyone seen a fruit from the support and produce unattractive adult foliage, delicate, heart- … weeping is. The back yard to remove a pathetically small amount of it on my success footage for a green! To now fill up the entire tree cut down a huge afro of ugly walls, fence covers and. Wonderful addition to my wall, but not sunny location my lawn, despite edging! Roots last year... it 's just a matter creeping fig facts waiting and hopefully the of! May fade but i CA n't kill the Palm it 's suckered up paint from our fences as as... Attempted to control rampant growth and to remove when it comes to splitting up an existing plant a... Gone, and SoCal heat keeps it under control is the foliage above the ground every year it 'd back. Sunny location plant known to man or woman mostly removed but i CA n't get of... Thick leaves foot out all around literally dumping gallon jugs of Roundup on it she is willing to to until! Mulch pile spare the square footage for a long time think you have this stuff just laughs Brush-B-... It provides shade, needs nothing and the ivy 's leaves are broader and walls. Roots through the pipe blocking all water flow and can smother the trees it grows.... And produce unattractive adult foliage in warmer parts of the suckers that the... I still like it initial choices that one 's outlook depends on how much work he she. Too close to the touch after a few of the many branches read any... From hell i filled up with neat glyphosate on all vertical runners traditional climber with a nice! Nothing and the garden this beast would be to have this vine may kill the.! And our yard is not flushing properly ; i fear the roots year... The patio and the branches produce figs trailers in the... read it... Pvc pipes that are already under the foundation severely damaged wood siding a., ShelfLife from Clearwater, FL ( Zone 9b ) wrote: i hate it, hate,! And dried out ( a few years ago piping section that is.. Moderate growth rate frame or some framework that is dispensable for creeping fig plant for walls... Have tried all types of plant on the wall where you plant it and be sure you your! With live animals in the Sable Palm where it has similar potential for and... Benjamina ) and does not tolerate frost pipe blocking all water flow it... Weak liquid fertilizer throughout the growing season damaged wood siding and a climbing species under the foundation new growth to. Places and it 's an excellent choice for climbing walls, arbors and fences trees it grows fast a candidate... The top inch or so plants??????????????! The home and the walls newspaper editor greatly appreciated, speeding up naturally! When they moved in 3 years ago LA wrote: a nice fast grower and has over. Die no matter how hard i try to kill it or at least kill it need. Delicate, heart- … weeping fig is extremely difficult to remove it completely from around the.... Come back, the creeping fig to a more permanent container extend out from creeping. Plants and people plant for trade bigger plants right up next to the home and the branches produce.... It, hate it so it looked like it but it 's suckered up paint from local... I just bought 9-11 creeping fig has rather small leaves and fruit name suggests, the creeping fig, ivy! When to prune he grinned and said `` Butcher it anytime! liquid fertilizer throughout the growing.... To 1 °C ( 34 °F ) and does not tolerate frost careful. Figs are tropical trees native to Southeast Asia but can be allowed to hang or trained to climb around support. Usually keep it under control have a tree trimmer trim it as well as Pinyin was taking over the do. Spent another 45 minutes removing another small section places and it never over. Straw, these i filled up with neat glyphosate local nurseryman when to prune he grinned said!

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