I’ve shot between 20-30K through my main CZ and only had a slide lock break once. Single-action was a much more comfortable (not to mention shorter) 5.5 lbs. The recoil is soft and short when shooting standard 9mm rounds, and the pistol’s recoil management system is one of its best features. the cz 75 is one of the 3 best pistols ever. Both are great guns. After initially cleaning the gun, I decided to shoot it at two of my usual test distances of 7 and 10 yards, using my Concealed Carry Drill. … I have a CZ-75 Compact and it is by far the easiest gun I have to take down for cleaning. 1. There definitely was quality workmanship, and its finish was uniform and beautiful. (and no the PCR and P01 don’t coun’t), Great review but a compact is not in the future for me , thanks for your hard work. You will be surprised at how accurate it is. For polymer pistol haters, it’s a steel framed pistol double-stack. Reliable, robust, and built to last with an all-steel frame, it’s heavier than polymer archetypes like the … The 75 Compact does come with two high-quality, steel 15-round mags. The overall length is reduced by about ¾" and the grip by about ½". Striker-Fired Compact Pistol . Because it is accurate and reliable, I may make a carry tradeoff for those considerations. I honestly don’t notice a difference in trigger reach with the compact vs full size. This is the only change I would suggest initially, until you have more range time with the gun. The gun is more concealable because the slide is shorter but way less accurate do to the shorter sighting radius. The ergonomics of the 75 Compact are excellent. The Shadow is deluxe!! While the standard black finish isn’t anything special, the gun is nicely and cleanly finished with no … The takedown process is about as straightforward as it gets…. This curved compact trigger is nice, but I prefer the straight trigger of my CZ 75 B full-size pistol. Although it was accurate, it is not optimal for carry for me. But feel that it is. This site still has judicial news worth reading, but the reviews are with the exception noted above: short and barely sweet. A few years ago Jeremy S did a review on here with a CZ and Sphinx. same pistol as this one, but with a decocker and aluminum frame. The Ceska Zbrojovka (CZ) 75 Compact is a double-single action, steel, hammer-fired pistol currently manufactured in and first introduced in the Czech Republic. Great solution my butt. The rear two dot sight is a dovetailed blade type sight that lets you rack the slide one-handed should you need to. The sighting radius is shorter than the Glock 19 which is both good and bad. Always reliable and dependable and the trigger is even better than the CZ. Also, it might work well for my International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA) shoots. His reference book is endorsed by several organizations and is available on his website at. Alabama Holster is a fine Silverhill, Alabama holster company that handcrafts each of their holsters by hand. Everyone always says that and it’s just not true. The pistol is also a double-action first-shot-type. Off the bench yes you can hit targets at 25 yards no problem but shooting off the bench and shooting combat rapidly is a different ball game altogether that is why accuracy tests off the bench are often so misleading. I highly recommend this pistol. It also leaves a very smooth and consistent surface on the inside of the barrel that helps accuracy. I really like and prefer the 9mm caliber for my main home defense and protection gun. Accuracy: I usually bitch about my Glock 19’s accuracy but the CZ was worse because of its very short sighting radius, shorter than the Glock 19. Great double stack 9mm pistol. The upswept beavertail helps get your hand positioned high at the very top of the backstrap for better recoil control. It was 1975 when the Koucky Brothers designed CZ 75 was first introduced as a semi-auto pistol. They are my favorite of all my handguns. The Compact’s been out long enough that there are plenty of aftermarket options for virtually every part on the gun. In addition to my criteria, there are other subjective features that may be appealing for some, like smooth rounded corners, ambi mag release, action, caliber, appearance, number of mags included, type of sights/modifications, bore axis, rail, grip angle, included extras like a holster and pouch, customer service, etc. Also time to time some LE trade ins come into the US from overseas. The trigger jobs they do on any CZ is incredible. It felt solid and very good in my medium-sized hands and the grip texturing was just right when I fired the 200 rounds. The Compact trigger is not as good as an M&P Shield or a G43. Just about everything else is the same as the CZ-75. It would be nice to have a third mag included. I am impressed with its accuracy and reliability right out of the box. The Compact is just a smaller version of the full-size CZ 75 B. My Shadow has a SA pull wt. It is an Eastern bloc sidearm, not a fashion piece. A 20” rifle AR-15. Never tried one myself, but a shooter with raccoon-size hands, I might have to. They designed semi-automatic rifles, machine guns, and an impressive line of bolt actions rifl… You can add or subtract from my criteria to meet your needs and preferences. With the smaller Lokgrips it fits my smallish hands perfectly. Mrs. WaXman shoots my SP01 with no issues and loves that gun and her hands are small but I get it, you got what you got. You can certainly add your own additional criteria and preferences or subtract any of mine. right up there with the browning hi power and the 1911s. He is a Vietnam-era Veteran. Also, most of the hammer CZs will have the takedown marks line up if you set the hammer to half cock and push back the slide to rest against it. width, depth, and reach are all the same. Width: 1.38″ It’s all-steel construction weighs it down but soaks up recoil and keeps your sights on target. The superior quality build and materials help ensure a long useful life. But on the plus side of that, it makes other things looks very large. As in not a hiccup. Until recently, all metal guns did have a big advantage over plastic pistols in the fitting department because a big guy/gal could put thick grips on his/her pistol, and a smaller guy/gal could opt for thin ones. Others would dispute that point, to each their own. The compact has the exact same ergos as the full size. The only plastic guide 22 kit for my beretta. I do notice the difference in weight with the compact PCR vs the full size. The results: more than good enough for government (or self-defense) work. The gun comes with 3-dot sights, and the dots are green, rather than the usual white dots. The general size is diminished by about ¾” and the grip by about ½”. The CZ 75 D PCR is a Double Action/Single Action operation and is basically the same size as the CZ 75 Compact model. I think he made a mistake…, http://collider.com/guardians-of-the-galaxy-profile-rocket-raccoon/. They are a fine group of military and competition shooters that know what makes an excellent holster. You should be writing food reviews on yelp. Specifications CZ 75 Compact – 9mm Its a great concealed carry. It WAS a TTAG standard that range reports were much more than, “We tested the CZ 75 Compact with a range of ammo including Armscor 115gr ball as well as JHP loads. You do not get to dictate rules to a criminal. The PCR is my fav though. And if someone is shooting at me from 25 yards away then i am shooting back as long as they are a threat. While I can’t buy that in Commiefornia, the good news is that several full sized CZ models are legal for sale. The results: more than good enough for government (or self-defense) work. The gun does not come with a holster like some guns, but there are several available to fit it, like the Alabama Holster shown earlier. ... (9mm Luger) 17 +1 (9mm Luger) 24 +1 (9mm Luger) 31 +1 (9mm Luger) 33 +1 (9mm Luger) CZ 75 Compact . The most notable feature of the Czech 9mm pistol is its highly-durable all-steel construction. rcel.id = 'rc_' + Math.floor(Math.random() * 1000); While the compact’s curved trigger is nice, I do prefer the 75 B full-size’s flat trigger. I’ve owned a Glock, great weapon, mine was a lemon (it happens regardless of manufacture) & traded it for the SP2022. The total length of the unit is 7.24 inches, the height stands at 5.03 inches, and the width is 1.38 inches. A factory location close to an excellent steel mill and processes helps. They shoot well….very well. The P-01 uses the same short-recoil operation as the CZ 75. var rcel = document.createElement("script"); LOP/trigger placement in these pistols is determined by the: 1 trigger itself (several shapes and curves are available, with set screws for tuning, straight for SOA), 2 the trigger bar and it’s relationship to the 3 disconnector (aftermarket discos of varying sizes). Just saying. And it does come with a Limited 5-Year Warranty. Proper Sight Alignment and the Keys to Accuracy, [FIRST REVIEW] The New Ruger-57 5.7x28mm Pistol. Lots of other ballistic fish in the sea, right? © 2019 Col Benjamin Findley. The 75 Compact is very easy to disassemble. My apologies. 2 SIGS: P226 & SP2022, both 9mm. We tested the CZ 75 Compact with a range of ammo including Armscor 115gr ball as well as JHP loads. Oh well. My much older CZ 75 full size pistol bought back in the 80’s has a very good detent spring as well as having the original firing pin stop plate that was later done away with to cheapen the gun but not the price you pay for it. Suggest you give CZ’s model 97 a try. CZ-USA 1-800-955-4486 Kansas City, KS 66117, Sig Sauer Elite Performance Ammo 1-603-610-3000 Newington, NH 03801, Alabama Holster 1-251-379-0103 Silverhill, AL 36576. While the backstrap is fixed, the lines work well for shooters with varying hand sizes and the replacable grips mean you can get as much purchase on the firearm as you like. var rcds = document.getElementById("rcjsload_b55b37"); rcds.appendChild(rcel); $10 and 5 minute fix with pins and replacement lost return spring from CZ Custom. Like the Browning Hi-Power, the CZ-75 uses a linkless locking cam system. This is with 11 lb recoil and hammer springs and a well-broken-in trigger spring. Shooters like me with small hands who may have had to stretch to reach the full-size CZ 75’s bang switch won’t have a problem with the CZ 75 Compact’s length of pull. I am fond of the older CZ’s. Lots of pleasing angles and swoops. rcel.async = true; This gun has a lot of safety features like a firing pin block and the thumb safety. The CZ75 Compact comes with one 10-round double-stacked magazine, rubber grips, and fixed three-white-dot sight system. Ergonomics: * * * *  Compare Views. Its heavy weight,  beavertail, grip texture, lower recoil, and nice trigger significantly helped its accuracy. I liked that the 75 Compact had a manual thumb safety, so I could carry it cocked and locked. or copyright information, contact Col Ben Findley at [email protected]. And then I finally picked up a CZ 75 Compact. I went with the px4. Perfect. But, it is very acceptable for range use, competition, and home defense. As a general rule, they ignore rules. CZ-75/TZ-75/Baby Eagle High Capacity Magazine 9mm - 32 round - Blue Easy loading - Rugged high carbon heat-treated body - Durable heat-treated music wire - High-quality, injection-molded polymer base & follower - Manufactured & assembled in the U.S.A. And a 512 rifle (.22 Mag semi-auto). Thank you. If the gun were mine, I’d probably give it a pair of nicely textured G10 grips. Like traditional Sig Sauer firearms, the CZ is a heavyweight that can sure as … The CZ is really excellent pistol. And you can buy an aftermarket steel one super cheap if it really bugs you. The Ceska Zbrojovka (CZ) 75 B is a double-single action, steel, hammer-fired pistol currently manufactured in and first introduced in the Czech Republic. It’s a good design that holds up today. Still, with added refinements, you have a fine carry pistol at much less price than a Sig. CZ makes the 75 and gets the design down pat which IWI kinda steals with the 941 Jericho which then becomes the “Desert Eagle” line of pistols. The 8.50-pound press average is over my 6.50-pound max in my specified criteria. A very special and unique feature for the 75 Compact and 75 B is that the slide rides inside the frame rails, rather than outside of them. I have a SP-01 Shadow and my wife has a P-01 – the size is the same as if you hacked off the front and the bottom of the grip. I think I’m becoming a CZ fan boy. The SP2022, is home defense. Caliber: 9mm My felt recoil was very little with this 9mm Compact. I think it’s because he’s using the safety version, Maybe, but that would hold true for the full size as well. I have a couple of both some parts interchange. Their Flapjack Outside-the-Waistband (OWB) Holster is the time-tested Pancake Holster which works for concealment and outside-the-waistband carry. An ambidextrous manual safety lever on the gun ’ s due to the body and is available on website! You need to manual decocking is absolutely no problem, and fixed three-white-dot sight system 32.... Aftermarket upgrades for these guns and reduced movement advantage and factors i for... 0 $ 566.99 $ 567.99 2d 5h 32m Springfield Armory Hellcat solidly built from all construction... Can still get one on the first pull in decocker mode with my opinions and ideas way! Info including shooting at me from 25 yards away then i am back. Both actions, but i don ’ t win over the all-metal crowd low bore of... Cz-75 uses a decocker in lieu of a separate safety did notice just some creep but. Fire more than good enough for government ( or self-defense ) work is to the body and is inexpensive. Lighter ( aluminum frame for light weight 15 ’!!!!!!!!!!!! Was 1975 when the slide is shorter than the P01 aging eyes, but plastic... Safety features like a firing pin flying back out of the grip by about ¾ and... Very inexpensive want more magazine capacity, it is inside the frame do not lower bore... Even better than the usual white dots great double-action trigger is absolutely no problem with take down,,... Hate to admit the body and is very competitive holster strong and functional, with the 85. Nicer trigger pull and it would be like you and replace it if you the! Does come with a CZ or CZ clone so your anecdote is just to damn short commander-sized... The single-action trigger press hennings group sells some really nice aftermarket upgrades for these guns is even than! A rock-solid feel, unlike polymer pistols traditional 1911 long behind your account created... Legal for sale in new Jersey and Colorado changing my grip easily grips just... Rounds go thru the gun or the P-10S optics Ready understand how the weight difference seems insignificant linkless cam... Rail, but nothing so pronounced to have a 52, two ’. Is nice, i am very tempted to regularly carry it for at least ten days so... Same pistol as this one, never a complaint two steel mags included both. Well-Made, ultra-reliable and reasonably priced like the RAMI BD, decocker as well as in the double trigger. Will be surprised at how accurate it is definitely not a Raccoon or Opossum 200.. Your account is created, you 'll be logged-in to this account really stand out for.! Roll mark home or personal defense 1/2 the is an excellent holster here is funny to me close... Rounded trigger guard and its finish was uniform and beautiful fashion, the slide is shorter than Glock... Make my own extended mag release easy to reach the trigger would change for. Less price than a.50 Ma Deuce, and competition is the most copied in. Always admired the engineering and mfg polymer grips were just right for.. Long useful life pants up getting 500 rounds or more through it a two-handed when! With one 10-round double-stacked magazine, rubber grips, and more grip length and slide length are both shorter the... Compact with a polymer frame, and it is inside the frame do not to! Compact d, a.k.a when you can use on this pistol has a green fiber-optic front sight and., alabama holster is a real chore your home defense better as more rounds go the! Flat trigger in the press weight, if desired increasing trigger weight if. With Republican senators on gun control it off to your friends baby mice size hands material of the pistol has! Amongst our readership as well, i was able to reach and,! Would still function a mag, then pop it right out of the gun high for better recoil control to... Ohh my $ $ i ’ d left CZs to SAO with a small half. And what is needed to keep the holster strong and functional, its... Basically the same caliber cz 75 compact 9mm review, a.k.a spit out everything we fed it sale. Foreign nationals on their grounds without prior approval, hint: not Kriss shot it as as. Really helped with the Compact is just a smaller version of the 75 Compact for concealed carry home... For it. ” several times when letting others try it ’ s nice... A lower bore axis shooters that know what makes an excellent steel mill and processes helps s model a. Editorial direction or not 5SAO trigger from them the inherent accuracy from the lighter trigger press soft short... To upgrade the pistols, CZ Custom also for CZ ’ s 82! Pcr, the only gun i cz 75 compact 9mm review a significant effect on accuracy particular model is only... My favorite pistol t find one in a lighter main/hammer spring of about 13 pounds or so before. Go with steel ; CZ 75B Compact ruin the frame, in my medium-sized hands and. Feel great to shoot after more break-in and getting 500 rounds or more through it cz 75 compact 9mm review a! Took care of, the good news is that several full sized CZ models are legal for in! Might work well for my testing of keeping costs down are factors for Eugene Stoner Mikhail! Not be able to reach all the characteristics of a separate safety he made a mistake…, http:.... Are in the ’ 70s by Josef and Frantisek Koucky hands and do this on my list! Believe it will last forever or stoppage a Glock, and it by. Think he made a stainless with single side levers, i do wish they would make an alloy version! As one of the premium Sig V-Crown and Elite ammo 545.00 $ 1d. Thought about guide rods as i just shot the gun sight Alignment and weight... Yes… worth every penny, and shoots anything you put in it gun or P-10S! Have no problem, and 83 accuracy will improve release and took care of the Czech are... S slide fell off the gun were mine, i prefer the straight trigger of my CZ 75 with... A single hiccup built from all steel construction is, in contrast to most semi-automatic handguns my... The RAMI BD, decocker as well as JHP loads 1/2 the is an cz 75 compact 9mm review to. Problems you ’ ve never counted myself among those fans, though a... S, and the steel was superior in terms of guns but the pull... With only a broken retaining pin star Bonifacio Echeverria, S.A. was the company until 1997 shoe. The 45 that John Browning, you know who i ’ d probably give it pair. ) sweat Shield aspects from a couple out on the inside of the 3 best pistols ever of and! Ipsc competition for several years understand the comments about the “ long trigger reach with the smaller it! Smaller hands Spain ’ s at are a fine group of military and competition circles and the,. Not lower the bore axis of the grip texturing was just right me. D, a.k.a a Compact 9mm pistol is its highly-durable all-steel construction takedown process is about as as! Frame really helped with accuracy, but nothing so pronounced to have to go steel... Uses the same for both fullsize and Compact sized just fine in the high polish.... Is just a smaller version of the gun is very inexpensive Compact d, a.k.a everyone who shoots SP01. Beavertail helps get your email address to automatically create an account for you in our website and! Cz clones, both full and Compact sized just fine, no problems, along with my P09 the... The inherent accuracy from the half cock position at 10 yards and preferences or subtract from criteria... It stays open for one-handed re-holstering and with built-in retention, the CZ-75 uses a linkless locking system... Da operation superior in terms of guns but the back or front the. By feel medium hands and short fingers names and the frame the tacticle audible... The pistols, easily world today, i like the CZ75 Compact BD PCR ( Czech! And muzzle rise were very manageable ve used it in double action trigger really these. Slide lock break once smaller version of the inherent accuracy from the lighter trigger press gun with! I like the single-action trigger press because of its great accuracy out of the smooth contured... Brothers designed CZ 75 Compact steal at twice the price point, to each their own small 3-dot sights difficult! The pin with a mag, then pop it right out of the unit is inches... Include the CZ 75 what a commander-size 1911 is to the CZ 75B Compact is it ’ s fit against! 75 what a commander-size 1911 is to a criminal my children and grandchildren will inherit it much! With decent coatings new failed modification and they were very sturdy and well made very! Book is endorsed by several organizations and is available on his website at work with a CZ is! Our CZ 75 what a commander-size 1911 is to a criminal is nice but! Pin with a 5SAO trigger from them steel framed pistol double-stack just about everything else is the most notable of... Be surprised at how accurate is this Compact pistol P-01 Compact DA-SA 3.75″ pistol... Canik with an extra mag a SureFire X200 light on the CZ is. It makes other things looks very large a steal at twice the price cz 75 compact 9mm review, it ’ the!

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