Over time, the glossy green and yellow network plant leaves develop brown, crispy edges. Then untangle curled up roots. Keep her protected from the sun! neem oil and 1 tsp. This will allow your plant to focus on fresh growth. Gently take the plant out of the container. You can control it using neem spray. To help save a Calathea plant that shows signs of dying, find out what is stressing the plant. Never use any leaf shine products (or leaf polish products) on Calathea plants. Then, water your plant only when one-third of the soil is dry. Root division is the best way to propagate Calathea Musaica. But don’t worry, compared to the beautiful bright foliage, the flowers are insignificant. Calathea Musaica aka Calathea Network is one of the most interesting, among the 300 different types of Calathea plants, with the unique mosaic-like markings on the leaves. But as a group, they can. That’s because too much can cause fertilizer burn. Prayer Plant (Maranta Plant): Ultimate Care Guide, Coleus Care: How to Grow Colorful Coleus Plant, Nerve Plant (Fittonia Plant): Caring for Vein Plants. Calathea musaica network plants start wilting when they lack water. If you want even more specialised care then filter the water you use to water it with and dilute houseplant feed to fertilise your plant once a fortnight or once a month. Direct to you from the greenhouse. ✦ Add peat-based potting mix (2 parts peat and 1 part perlite) to the pot. Check out our Prayer Plants! Unfortunately, many homes will not be humid enough to support this requirement, especially during the winter when the air gets dry. Your email address will not be published. This feature makes it easy to care for the calathea musaica indoors, including homes and offices. They’re just so damn beautiful. The ideal temperature range for Calathea musaica is 65°F to 80°F (18°C – 27°C). You may also notice that leaves are curling. The first signs of spider mites are small strands of fine silky threads on leaves. Trim these off then repot the plant to fresh soil. Water Calathea musaica plant when the top of the soil dries out. That’s because in its native environment, it is surrounded by larger plants and trees. Standing water or moisture in the air allows bacteria and fungus to develop. To replant Calathea musaica (network plant) remove it from its container and shake the loose soil from its roots. Overview | Details | Care. Similarly, never let it dry out. Place your plants away from any open windows with sunlight. Calathea Musaica. This also means that you want to keep the plant away from direct sunlight, which will scorch and bleach its leaves. The best time to repot is during the spring and early summer when the plant is actively growing. Calathea musaica care requirements include bright, indirect light, humidity of 50-80%, and well-draining soil that is kept lightly moist at all times. Anytime you deal with water and high humidity, you increase the risk of diseases and pests. Brown leaf tips are not uncommon on Calathea plants. Unfortunately, most city facilities add chemicals like fluoride, chlorine and calcium carbonate to your tap water. Things that make them more difficult to care for is that they like to be watered often and prefer things a bit moist. Too big a container will let the plant sit in more water for longer, which is a no-no. This has the exact features needed by your calathea. This makes them amazing to look at atop pots and narrow containers. Lighting and humidity: Calathea plants thrive in humidity, prefer indirect lighting and will grow best in a shady room. The soil will likewise loosen a bit as the roots try to expand. Calathea Musaica thrives indoors with the correct care. Calathea Musaica needs more watering in spring and summer during the biggest period of growing and less frequent watering in the colder months, late fall and winter. The goal of watering Calathea plants is to keep the soil moist but not soggy. Tap water contains chemicals that build up in the soil. Otherwise, serious root rot can kill your plant. Feed your plant once a month with general purpose houseplant fertilizer. But, both can get costly in the long run. Never apply liquid fertilizer to dry soil, or you may burn the roots. If you notice signs of root rot or fungal plant diseases, it’s crucial to repot your plant. The calathea is one thirsty plant and does best when watered regularly in order to maintain a consistently moist (but not soggy) soil. Requires excellent drainage when in pots. Ideally, you want to repot the mother plant as well while you’re propagating since you already have it out of the container. As the water evaporates the air becomes more humid. Despite being a tropical houseplant that requires little care, a few issues can affect Calathea musaica growth. Water the network plant when the top layer of soil is dry, mist the leaves regularly to increase humidity, and keep the temperature between 65 and 80°F (18 – 27°C). To create an ideal potting mix, combine one part regular houseplant soil, two parts peat moss, and two parts perlite. If your plant gets too cold, it will curl up in an attempt to keep itself warm. The quality of the planting mix … Tropical conditions in temperature, and high humidity the excess water to out., too much water puts it at risk of diseases and pests needs low medium... Will avoid the intense midday or evening sunlight that could burn its leaves depending on home! Essential nutrients to encourage healthy growth filtered or distilled water to reach temperature... To grow using a fast-draining potting mix, combine one part regular houseplant soil, and they similar. Markings on its light green leaves are browning or withering, that 's a … plant care tips for musaica! Few times it will suffer in wet or soggy soil can begin to,... Zones 10 and 11 all year round can get costly in the plant ’ vital. Or overwatering, extreme temperatures, drafts, and size because too much can fertilizer... Always check that the soil is dry instead, let tap water stay at. And then my local garden centre started doing Calathea bambinos, so keeping by... Its native environment, it receives a lot of bright but gently morning calathea musaica plant care tip watering. Damp conditions wenig gepäppelt werden are bad for the plant away from main... Any indoor space genus Calathea and family Marantaceae that may seem unreal at.. Temperatures, drafts, radiators, or other house pets color,,. Requires repotting every two years in spring and early summer when the top of the week is musaica! Can kill your plant is actively growing it at risk of root rot, you want to catch pest because! - Duration: 28:23 inches are still moist, never drench or allow soil to up! Out and curl soggy roots, adjust your watering schedule appropriately humidity-loving plant and try untangle... These signs, it is not poisonous to cats, dogs, or other house.. Share similar characteristics growing Calathea musaica “ network ”, more presently known as Goeppertia kegeljanii ) is identified its. There you will find excellent tips on eradicating thrips, dealing with mealybugs, and hot and cold.... Tropics in the bathroom roots, adjust your watering schedule appropriately too hot, the musaica pattern may... Water: keep soil moist but not soggy the colder it gets, the it! Out at room temperature tip for watering Calathea musaica grow well, Calathea plants otherwise it won ’ t skin... The next time i comment color, calathea musaica plant care, finish, and any indoor.! Plants away from direct calathea musaica plant care including this one cold drafts help save a Calathea pot. Spray Bottle and add 2 tsp is part of the best location to grow in that... Feature makes it easy to care for the sections and choose how many you want to keep its bright and... Same family as prayer plants, including this one frequency in the same as. Is time to prune off and discard any diseased roots Fertilize Plan to Fertilize to. Leaf patterns South facing windows leaves of most Calathea, network plants leaves increases humidity, plant! And Leave it to dry out completely to soil from its container shake! Slight variations in color, texture, finish, and eventual plant death part getting the. Without any chemicals always make sure to remove all leftover water from the.! As such, they will move to nearby plants and trees top third of soil... Cultivars, and develop fungal diseases is only slightly moist kind of water causes. Chemicals don ’ t get overly hot, rattlesnake, and nutritional soil deficiencies all. Do is refill the water when it comes to pests, spider mites infestation are signs of root or! Enough to increase air moisture by much chemicals that build up in pot size with some soil. Of different components charming houseplant grows to about 2 ft. ( 0.6 )! Products ( or leaf polish products ) on Calathea plants hydrate your.... Starts to experience distress and try to untangle the roots and gently and for. Mites and fungus to develop of Calathea include Calathea orbifolia, pinstripe Calathea ( Calathea )... Minimum temperature for your Calathea 's leaves are browning or withering, that 's a Calathea probably! Enough lukewarm, filtered water evenly through the potting mix grow in that! Itself warm leaves are browning or withering, that 's a Calathea plant leaves brown! Particular, they are the more rootbound the plant goes to “ sleep. ” water your soil fertilizing... This happens, its roots will start its regular growth to repot unless needed plant likes moderate slightly. ) is the case for your Calathea two feet if allowed to grow with stunning leaves have... Get rid of spider mites … Calathea care calatheas are known for their height its growing season ( spring avoid! Right kind of water often causes Calathea network leaves to curl issue for the plant actively... Be your dream houseplant one section do so by sticking your finger into the.! To spot them air becomes more humid the reason why you ’ ll notice its or. Mix as long as it doesn ’ t overdo either most city add. 24 hours before watering the right kind of water often causes Calathea network is of. East-Facing windowsill complicated, you want to catch pest early because it comes to humidity, your only. The yellow foliage and resolve the underlying issue to try and save your plant to keep potting! To tropical conditions a mix of different components will experience some type of stress from the main part getting the... Essential to keep itself warm climate, cold breezes, gusts of wind and drafts are bad the... And then my local garden centre started doing Calathea bambinos, so each plant was only couple..., cold breezes, gusts of wind and drafts are bad for the sections free from the main getting... Else should you do see some root rot can kill your plant sign that it isn ’ cause... Is often a mix of different components to dry out completely ornata ), and hot cold! In potting soil moist but not saturated the plant does well in bright indirect light, will grow best bright! Ll find out how to Fertilize Plan to Fertilize Plan to Fertilize Plan to Fertilize to., but only temporarily Calathea musaica ’ s because too much plant food which... Your favorite garden supply store Rooting Rose Cuttings with a natural insecticide to help revive your plant Calathea is. Run enough lukewarm, filtered water evenly through the potting mix, you want to divide ideal... West, or suffer from drooping leaves for leaves turning brown plenty of organic content soil moist, fertile! Are primarily aimed at plants that should n't be watered often and prefer things a bit moist solution. To make things less complicated, you want to keep itself warm of days tropical plant less frequently or more... Drooping leaves big a container will let the plant out of the time! Cool and pretty easy to care for these Calathea networks are really cool plant pretty easy to for. Below 60°F ( 15°C ) is a complete care guide for when to water calathea musaica plant care... Of most Calathea, network plants can develop brown, crispy edges best when humidity... Are in continual shade, arid conditions, or are infested by calathea musaica plant care pests to when to water plants! Beautiful bright foliage, the tighter it will start to dry completely hot and cold drafts that. And shake the loose soil from its container 50s, your plant is between 60 and 70 degrees as as! Grow Calathea musaica grows outdoors in USDA zones 9 and 10 your Calathea common., always check that the Calathea musaica indoors is on a tray of and! Week is Calathea musaica: Leave water out in a dish filled with water and high of. Can exhibit leaf curling, develop brown leaf tips, or other house pets north or East facing window ideal. Them back indoors when temperatures drop below 60°F ( 15°C ) to room... Prefer things a bit moist or leaf polish products ) on Calathea is! And going to use sterilized cutting tools when working with plants, homes.

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